About Me

In the early years Hilary earned two master degrees. One in education from Baylor University and another in Social Work from University of Texas in Arlington. Her career has included working in psychiatric hospitals, doing counseling in corporate settings…IBM, Texas Instruments, EDS. She also worked with military families in the US and Germany as a Military Family Life Consultant.

After raising her family and working for many years on herself she started to feel discouraged by her lack of real progress. Anxiety and self doubt were still too much a part of her life. Hilary took a bold step and started to look at different programs for personal change. Armed with her rich background in psychology, she finally struck gold. The teachings of this program put the client in charge of theirs own lives. This was the practical, simple approach she was looking for. She was thrilled and knew this was the beginning of the biggest adventure of her.

As her anxiety and self-doubt melted she decided to enter the part of the program that would train her to use this same approach with others. She spent over 300 hours to become a certified mentor (2012).

Working with other women entrepreneurs has always been Hilary’s passion. She recently found a marketing program that has answered her questions about how to promote her business. While listening to a coaching call, she was struck by the need she heard. The woman, a female entrepreneur, was practically giving her services away. She later found that, in general, women tend to undercharge for their services on a huge scale! She decided during that call that these were the women she was meant to serve.

Hilary spends time with family and friends in Dallas. She travels often to Taos New Mexico for hiking and the beautiful scenery.