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Are you a mature female entrepreneur tired of undercharging?

Want to overcome your fears and raise your fees with confidence?

Let’s talk about it!

I know that talking about money, and raising your fees with new (and existing) clients is an uncomfortable conversation.

But it’s also uncomfortable not earning what you deserve!

The magic is getting more comfortable and talking with CONFIDENCE about your fees, and the greatest challenge standing in your way is UNDERSTANDING what your concerns are, and the RESULTS you want.

That’s why I’m here!

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Being listened to is very powerful. I started out believing I was charging too much and that is why people were not working with me. I checked with someone, who does what I do, and she charges more than I do. I am comfortable with what I charge now and am even entertaining the possibility of raising my fees in the future.

Yvonne MEducator - Energy Intuitive/Dallas, TX

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