Self Discovery Dialogues

Making more means having the life you want and the chance to feel like a successful business owner.

If you are a Professional woman serving clients and are ready to increase your income, then you will want to be one of the 3 women to qualify for my limited complimentary dialogue sessions.

Yes, complimentary!

I am the Charge More Mentor looking to up level my individual and group program and I can use your feedback and endorsement if my work speaks to you.

During our time together (two 50 minute sessions) you will have the opportunity to find and trash the beliefs that will no longer serve you and keep you underpaid. Carefully crafted questions will guide you to discover for yourself what your challenges are in the form of something you believe. Once these beliefs are uncovered there is the opportunity to change and make charging more a regular part of doing business.

Through a short interview we decide if this is something you want to invest time in.

I look forward to hearing from you and consider any interaction we have a privilege.

This offer will end after 13 women register or (one week out) whichever comes first.