You can do it—they did!

“Before I met you I was unable to ask for what I needed. I was a great teacher who was always first to volunteer for extra duties or assignments. I was glad I could help but was always disappointed when I received no financial acknowledgement of the work that I had accomplished.After awhile I grew tired of working so hard with little compensation. Beyond tired, I also realized as a single woman I was not going to be able to save enough money to help myself retire well or to enjoy life now.With Hilary’s help, I learned how to set better boundaries and ask for what I deserved. Now I have moved from being a classroom teacher which was wonderful to part time teaching, part-time consulting and part-time speaking. Most recently I asked for a substantial hourly rate as a consultant and without flinching the client agreed. They could see what I was worth and finally I could too.

Hilary helped me find the confidence in myself to acknowledge that I was worth a good deal more than I had given myself credit for.”

Sarah LEducation Consultant / Dallas, Texas

Being listened to is very powerful. I started out believing I was charging too much and that is why people were not working with me. I checked with someone, who does what I do, and she charges more than I do. I am comfortable with what I charge now and am even entertaining the possibility of raising my fees in the future. This after only two sessions with Hilary, a kind and patient mentor

Yvonne MEducator - Energy Intuitive/Dallas, TX

Working with Hilary will be worth your time if you have tried therapy and/or other processes that have not changed deeply held beliefs that keep your old negative patterns in place.” Undercharging is a pattern you can change!

Karla ZCounselor / Dallas, TX